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Santorini Villa Kamini was formerly calciner, which took his name.

Previously, the "home construction" passed by the lime. The elders were wise after first had to obtain the necessary quantities of lime for building, plastering and whitewashing of their home and then build it.

That is why today we find in the countryside of the island ancient ruins of abandoned kilns. Usually, they built near areas where there was a suitable rock (limestone) to not have to carry it away. Just choose the location of the furnace, began cutting branches just before the spring, before the branches open. Mainly used "dwarf trees" that holly bush, because I had to be strong to earn high heat. After digging the kaminolakko, at a depth of 2 meters.

Placed inside, the stones of limestone. Just above the surface stones formed dome and left of the entrance where you entered the branches. They kept loading limestone onto the dome, as you climb higher the smaller and placed on top of gravel. In the upright part of the furnace that was over the surface of the soil, was built external cavity wall with earth in the middle so as not to lose the heat. In this way, the furnace resembled a large oven. The construction of the dome, requiring considerable skill and only experienced craftsmen could construct them.

When everything was ready, lit the furnace and would begin the most tedious job. At about 2-3 days should be constantly throwing wood into the flames of the furnace. When the material was baked at a temperature of 800-1000 degrees Celsius, limestone (calcium carbonate ) lost its carbon dioxide and converted to lime (calcium oxide). After 10 days left to cool, and only then begin the transfer of lime in sacks with donkeys. It is said that a successful calciner, could produce 12 to 15 tons of lime.

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The location of Kamini Santorini Villas not being on the famous caldera of the island, set on a 10.000 square metres property, offers larger sizes with unique views. Kamini Santorini Villa is located 6 km from the port of Athinios, 5 km from the Santorini airport and 2.5 km from the island's capital, Fira.






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